2015/07/29 14:39:32
Leaf salad is good food.
You should eat good food.
Leaf salad is good for you.
Good Food 3
By the way, you can grow good food in your garden. Or even on a windowsill.

Leaf salad has many leaves.
You can eat the leaves on a diet.
You can use the leaves for making sandwiches.

Salad leaves are also used in ... you have guessed it! In salads!
You should eat a plateful of salad with your dinner. It is good for you.

And now I am going to the kitchen to fix myself a salad.
Would you like to know my recipy?
Then say so in you comment!

a leaf -> leaves
leaf - лист, листок
leaves - множествнное число

windowsill [ˈwɪndəusɪl] - подоконник
to guess [ges] - догадаться

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